Style of Play

The IAFA Soccer ‘Style of Play’ is an integral part of our identity as it displays our players’ abilities and our team mentality. The style of play is broken into specific `principles of play’, as well as there being suggested tactical formations for teams to play.

Principles of Play:

Playing out – We always try to pass the ball out from the goalkeeper and defenders to a teammate instead of ‘punting’ the ball without thought.

Keeping possession – We look to keep the ball on the ground for as much as possible – retention and possession of the ball should always be a key target on the field.

Being creative– We encourage our players to ‘try things’ on the field, such as dribbling past opponents using skills/tricks, mimicking skills performed by soccer professionals, and taking shots on goal from outside the penalty box.

Using width – We highlight the use of width in attack, trying to move the ball into wide-areas to ‘stretch’ the opposition and open spaces on the field to attack.

Eyeing space – We understand the importance of moving into open space over the importance of playing in set-positions.

Pressing opposition – We work hard to win possession of the ball as a team, pressing the opponents and trying to win the ball back as a team at the earliest opportunity.

We attack as a team, defend as a team, win as a team, and lose as a team.

Suggested Formations Whilst IAFA Soccer doesn’t enforce its coaches to play with a prescribed formation, the following tactical formations are suggested by the club, formations are displayed numerically as (goalkeeper)-defenders-midfielders-forwards: – 7V7 (1)-2-1-2- 1 – 9V9 (1)-3-1- 3- 1 – 11V11 (1)-4-1-4-1