Level 4 Training

Join us for our Level 4 holiday virtual soccer training clinic starting Tuesday 6th of July 2021!

Let’s stay active despite the adjusted level 4 lockdown these school holidays. Our previous virtual clinic was a roaring success so we thought it would be a good idea to do it once again these holidays in the safety of your homes.

Here’s the deal… grab your soccer ball, make as much space as you can in your garden, back yard or on your balcony, be creative find 5 to 6 household items that can serve as cones and join us here over the next few days.

Feel free to invite your all your friends to this event! Let’s all work together to stay safe and active!

The scoop:

Over the next few days we will reveal individual drill videos for you to practice and master. Everyday there will be a password that can be used to access the drills (please see the table below to get a better idea.) You will only be able to use this password to access the drills on the given days, this creates the environment of routine and discipline that would have been an important element at a non virtual clinic.

Please send me your feedback to WhatsApp 0829004301 and tag us in your uploaded photos or videos on your social media. I would love to share them our instagram page @interafricafootball as well.

Links to the daily sessions:

Day 1 – Tuesdayunited
Day 2 – Wednesdaybrazil
Day 3 – Thursdaychelsea
Day 4 – Fridayliverpool
Rest Day – Saturday
Rest Day – Sunday
Day 5 – Monday*****
Day 6 – Tuesday*****
Day 7 – Wednesday*****
Day 8 – Thursday*****
Day 9 – Friday*****