Coach Model

IAFA has fantastic accredited and volunteer coaches, without which, the academy would cease to exist. The time, energy and commitment they put in is beyond amazing and no amount of thanks will ever be enough.

We look for coaches who display the following behaviours on and off the soccer field:

Game Day Coaching:

  • Arrives at least 30-minutes prior to each game – Gives players at least a 15-minute warm-up, involving game relative movements, and high energy exercises to prepare for the rigours of the game
  • Quietly communicates with players one-on-one on the side-line
  • Shouts minimal instructions and uses instances in the game as development tools for practices
  • Supports the club’s Development Matrix, encouraging the correct attributes at the correct ages
  • Gives players equal playing time at all ages regardless of player ability

Practice Coaching:

  • Plans and runs practices, in accordance with the Development Matrix, to challenge and develop each player (i.e. 3rd graders will not work on ‘tactics’ or advanced passing drills as they need to develop technical skill individually on the ball)
  • Demands good behaviours in accordance with the Player Model (respectful, outgoing & hard-working)
  • Gives all players individual feedback when possible, relating to performance and development

Team Management:

  • Coach(s) should look to communicate with the team’s parents on a weekly basis, providing; game feedback, club information and additional education (i.e. video links, soccer articles, etc.) – Coach(s) will communicate all game-day and practice changes ASAP – Coach(s) will provide information on additional development opportunities